How we work

Our approach is based on the principle of mindfulness. Changes are more sustainable when they are consciously perceived. That means getting out of routines and pausing whereas the world around us is getting even faster and more complex. Mindfully exploring what is happening in critical moments gives us more options how to react and enables us to take smarter decisions. 

Since behavior in the brain is primarily controlled emotionally, cognitive reflection is only effective to a limited extent. In most cases, development only happens when limiting habits are carefully perceived and consciously considered. Important inner connections are easier to understand if they are first experienced and explored on a physical-emotional basis, and only then being mentally processed. Impressive experiences leave traces in the consciousness. 

We work experimentally as well as experience and process-oriented. In doing so, we take concrete situations from practice, examine automatic reactions, typical behavioral patterns and interpersonal dynamics. For sustainable learning on the emotional level, we take enough time to explore inner processes that are normally not perceived in our daily routines. With a deeper understanding of what controls us and others and how interactions or conflicts arise, we support you in finding new solutions and approaches on your own.

Thereby, we always act in a judgment-free, curious, empathetic attitude and in order to not appear too serious, we always do this with a sense of humor!

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