Linda Stifter

"I couldn't always stand up for myself as I do today"
The following topics are accompanied by me:
Self-love/ Self-acceptance, Orientation/ Goal Achievement, Conflicts, Self-regulation/ Self-management, Removing Limitations/ Beliefs, Understanding of Roles, Appearance/ Positioning

Whether as an educator, as a trainer and workshop leader, as a consultant for innovative and disruptive business models or as a manager of a network of experts – my focus was always set on empowering and supporting people on their road to greater.

And yet every step was a change of course that needed to be well matured and prepared. Resulting in leaving my alleged security and facing new challenges.

Both wasn't easy for me at first, because at a young age I found myself in a state of strong adaptation and insecure attitude. Step by step, I succeeded in removing limitations, dealing with my fears, establishing a better connection with myself and, above all, taking my own needs seriously.

Thus, not only the newly acquired knowledge, but above all the personal development in the respective phase became a great treasure for me. Fortunately, I was able to realize early on how important it is to be accompanied by a sparring partner in such phases – for better or for worse. Because I also experienced the burden of thinking that it would be "ridiculous if I couldn't help myself" and the harsh consequences of spiraling thoughts. I am grateful for this experience and of course for the competent support that helped me to see clearly again. As a result, I was able to allow myself wishes and goals and to achieve them.

What my friends, family, colleagues and clients appreciate about me is my authentic appearance, my warmth and my appreciation, but also my humor and my ability to enjoy. I manage well – especially through my sensitivity and empathy – to create an atmosphere of trust and to give hold. 

I am very pleased that as a two-time certified Business & Life Coach I can now accompany other people on their way to more ease and a higher quality of life.

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