A non-functional or poorly organized HR department can have a negative impact on the company in many ways. This is not only reflected in lost time and high costs, but also in employee dissatisfaction. Are you just setting up your HR department? Or would you like to introduce a new sub-area, optimize or expand existing processes?

Of course, there is always the option of orienting yourself to existing or planned structures. However, if you wish, I will also be happy to support you in taking the next step into the working world of tomorrow.

Whatever your situation may be, my aim is to create a concept that suits your needs. To this end, I will be happy to take a look at the status quo and use my own HR expertise to make you tailor-made proposals for strategic HR management that will make you an attractive employer in today's "employee market". Of course, I will also be happy to accompany your individual project through to implementation if you wish.

The first step is to clarify your concerns in a phone call free of charge. This is possibly followed by a personal assessment at your company. The duration of the assignment varies depending on the complexity and scope of the request. Depending on your requirements, the project can be carried out at your company or remotely. The costs are agreed and invoiced individually on an hourly or daily basis.


Introduction, expansion and digitalization of HR processes and structures

You would like to be financially healthy and competitive and design your processes and structures efficiently and effectively? You want to concentrate on value-adding activities and reliably achieve your revenue and company targets?

I will show you how you can meet your quality and time limits by improving processes and structures. Find out how you can benefit from the advantages of digitalization in the long term and achieve enormous cost savings.


Strengthening the employer brand and sustainable employee retention

You want to ensure the satisfaction of your customers with a motivated, high-performing team and thus increase your revenue? You would like to strengthen your employer brand in order to secure skilled workers and remain competitive in the future?

Find out more about the measures you can take to enhance your company's reputation for existing and future employees. I will show you how you can successfully retain your employees and achieve enormous cost savings by reducing staff turnover.


Find out how your processes and structures can be designed efficiently!


Find out how you can fill your vacancies efficiently and make your new employees feel welcome!


Find out how you can motivate your employees so that they identify with the company!


Find out how you can develop your employees meaningfully and strategically!


Find out how you can move away from competition, bureaucracy, silos and hierarchies and towards efficiency, transparency, cooperation and personal responsibility. 

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