Christine Jacob

"I wasn't always as confident and determined as I am today."
The following topics related to Coaching are accompanied by me:
Burnout Prevention/ Resilience, Orientation/ Goal Achievement, Conflicts, Self-regulation/ Self-management, Career Development, Appearance/ Positioning, Understanding of Roles/ Role Expectations
I accompany these topics in HR Consulting:
Introduction, expansion and digitalization of HR processes and structures; strengthening the employer brand and sustainable employee retention
I accompany these areas in mediation:
Mediation within companies, mediation in team and group conflicts, mediation in shareholder conflicts, economic mediation and family mediation

No, as a child respectively teenager I was a very shy girl who was bullied by her classmates and did not fight back. However, this changed when I started my professional career. I have learned that standing up for oneself and one's beliefs is honored with respect. I have gained experience in many different industries such as banking and real estate, automotive and semiconductors. Besides my native German, I also have advanced English and very good French skills. I love being active and doing sports, traveling the world, learning new things and developing myself.

For 9 years now, I am working in international companies as an HR Generalist/HR Business Partner and support and advise managers and employees both operationally and strategically. In this job role I already encountered many complex situations and conflicts that I could accompany professionally. In doing so, I was able to show managers and employees other ways to meet their challenges and to gain other perspectives. I am very familiar with corporate strategies and the resulting roles of managers and employees. I have also gained deep insights into the various HR areas and can tell what works well and what doesn't from my point of view.

My family, friends and colleagues appreciate me for my honesty, clarity, reliability, assertiveness, for my humor and, last but not least, for my empathy.

A few years ago I had a serious accident, after which I was initially disfigured. The time of recovery and restoration of my appearance cost me a lot of strength. A short while afterwards, I ended up in a burnout, where my own perfectionism, pressure to perform and my huge sense of responsibility had taken me. Both were drastic experiences that I would not have been able to cope with, without professional help. 

My own life experience, the completion of two coaching educations and another education especially on burnout prevention have helped me to grow and get to know myself. Today I know that every behavior has a reason, which has led me to an open and curious attitude towards the behavior of others, as well as my own, instead of judging. It is important to me to share this experience with my clients.

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