Mediation is an extrajudicial, confidential and structured procedure in which parties voluntarily and independently seek an consensual settlement of their conflict with the help of one or more mediators. The mediator is an independent and neutral person without decision-making authority who guides the parties through the mediation process. The main methods of mediation are communication and negotiation.

I focus in particular on mediation within companies, mediation of team and group conflicts, mediation of shareholder conflicts, economic mediation and family mediation. Two or more parties may be involved. If more than four parties are involved, it is advisable to aim for co-mediation with several mediators. I offer mediation in both German and English.

A first phone call serves for clarification of concerns, the parties involved and the framework. If all parties involved are clear and agree to participate in the mediation, an appointment can be made for the first session.

The duration and number of sessions for a mediation process depend on the nature and difficulty of the present conflict. Mediation consists of several sessions. A session usually lasts around 90 minutes, but can also last longer. The number of sessions is estimated to be between three and seven. Face-to-face meetings take place with me in Munich. For mediation in a business environment, I am of course also happy to come to your premises. Online mediation is also possible on request.

The costs are agreed individually with the client or, in case of a cost absorption, with the company.

Would you like to find out more about mediation?

Every difficult situation has its own particularities and background. I will accompany you during the process of exploring the situation and finding the solutions which work best for you.

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